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  "Lizzie, did you see how the tears came into Mimie's eyes when Mr. Farquhar looked so displeased when she said good people were always dull? I think she's in love." Mary said the last words with grave emphasis, and felt like an oracle of twelve years of age.

  "I don't," said Lizzie. "I know I cry often enough when papa is cross, and I'm not in love with him."

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  "Yes! but you don't look as Mimie did."

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  "Don't call her Mimie--you know papa does not like it?"

  "Yes; but there are so many things papa does not like I can never remember them all. Never mind about that; but listen to something I've got to tell you, if you'll never, never tell."

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  "No, indeed I won't, Mary. What is it?" buy big strap on

  "Not to Mrs. Denbigh?"

  "No, not even to Mrs. Denbigh."

  "Well, then, the other day--last Friday, Mimie----"

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