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  "What people live upon the mainland?" I asked, and pointed in the direction of the Hants coast.


  "No one lives there," he replied.

  "Long ago, it is said, my people dwelt across the waters upon that other land; but the wild beasts devoured them in such numbers that finally they were driven here, paddling across upon logs and driftwood, nor has any dared return since, because of the frightful creatures which dwell in that horrid country."

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  "Do no other peoples ever come to your country in ships?" I asked. strape-on

  He never heard the word ship before, and did not know its meaning. But he assured me that until we came he had thought that there were no other peoples in the world other than the Grubittens, who consist of the Eastenders and the Westenders of the ancient Isle of Wight. clit lube

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