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"Have you come willingly?" asked the Beast. "Will you becontent to stay here when your father goes away?" strap sex toy

Beauty answered bravely that she was quite prepared to stay.

"I am pleased with you," said the Beast. "As you have comeof your own accord, you may stay. As for you, old man," headded, turning to the merchant, "at sunrise to-morrow you willtake your departure. When the bell rings get up quickly and eatyour breakfast, and you will find the same horse waiting to takeyou home; but remember that you must never expect to see mypalace again."

Then turning to Beauty, he said: rabit vibrater

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"Take your father into the next room, and help him to chooseeverything you think your brothers and sisters would like to have.You will find two traveling-trunks there; fill them as full as youcan. It is only just that you should send them something veryprecious as a remembrance of yourself."

Then he went away, after saying, "Good-bye, Beauty; good-bye, old man;" and though Beauty was beginning to think withgreat dismay of her father's departure, she was afraid to disobeythe Beast's orders; and they went into the next room, which hadshelves and cupboards all round it. They were greatly surprisedat the riches it contained. There were splendid dresses fit for aqueen, with all the ornaments that were to be worn with them;and when Beauty opened the cupboards she was quite dazzledby the gorgeous jewels that lay in heaps upon every shelf. Afterchoosing a vast quantity, which she divided between her sisters--for she had made a heap of the wonderful dresses for each ofthem---she opened the last chest, which was full of gold. adan n eve

"I think, father," she said, "that, as the gold will be more usefulto you, we had better take out the other things again, and fill thetrunks with it." So they did this; but the more they put in, themore room there seemed to be, and at last they put back all thejewels and dresses they had taken out, and Beauty even added asmany more of the jewels as she could carry at once; and then thetrunks were not too full, but they were so heavy that an elephantcould not have carried them!

"The Beast was mocking us," cried the merchant; "he musthave pretended to give us all these things, knowing that I couldnot carry them away."

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