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  A few days after Ruth's conversation with Mr. Bradshaw the invitation she had been expecting, yet dreading, came. It was to her alone. Mr. and Miss Benson were pleased at the compliment to her, and urged her acceptance of it. She wished that they had been included; she had not thought it right, or kind to Jemima, to tell them why she was going, and she feared now lest they should feel a little hurt that they were not asked too. But she need not have been afraid. They were glad and proud of the attention to her, and never thought of themselves. underwear strap ons

  "Ruthie, what gown shall you wear to-night? Your dark-grey one, I suppose?" asked Miss Benson.

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  "Yes, I suppose so. I never thought of it; but that is my best."

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  "Well; then, I shall quill up a ruff for you. You know I am a famous quiller of net."

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  "Is not mamma pretty?" asked Leonard, with a child's pride.

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