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  The irresistible impulse seized him to arrange matters, so that he might see her again before long. vaginal pump

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  "No!" said he. "I see it would he better that you should keep the purse. Many things may be wanted for the lad which we cannot calculate upon now. If I remember rightly, there are three sovereigns and some loose change; I shall, perhaps, see you again in a few days, when, if there he any money left in the purse, you can restore it to me."

  "Oh, yes, sir," said Ruth, alive to the magnitude of the wants to which she might have to administer, and yet rather afraid of the responsibility implied in the possession of so much money. adamevecom

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  "Is there any chance of my meeting you again in this house?" asked he.

  "I hope to come whenever I can, sir; but I must run in errand-times, and I don't know when my turn may be."

  "Oh"--he did not fully understand this answer--"I should like to know how you think the boy is going on, if it is not giving you too much trouble; do you ever take walks?"

  "Not for walking's sake, sir."

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