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  "Don't call her Mimie--you know papa does not like it?" adam a eve

  "Yes; but there are so many things papa does not like I can never remember them all. Never mind about that; but listen to something I've got to tell you, if you'll never, never tell." the pocket pussy

  "No, indeed I won't, Mary. What is it?"

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  "Not to Mrs. Denbigh?"


  "No, not even to Mrs. Denbigh."

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  "Well, then, the other day--last Friday, Mimie----"

  "Jemima!" interrupted the more conscientious Elizabeth.

  "Jemima, if it must be so," jerked out Mary, "sent me to her desk for an envelope, and what do you. think I saw?"

  "What?" asked Elizabeth, expecting nothing else than a red-hot Valentine, signed Walter Farquhar, pro Bradshaw, Farquhar, & Co., in full.

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