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"I cannot refuse you anything you ask, even though it shouldcost me my life. Take the four boxes you will find in the roomnext to your own, and fill them with everything you wish to takewith you. But remember your promise and come back when thetwo months are over, or you may have cause to repent it, for ifyou do not come in good time you will find your faithful Beastdead. You will not need any chariot to bring you back. Onlysay good-bye to all your brothers and sisters the night before youcome away, and when you have gone to bed turn this ring roundupon your finger and say firmly: 'I wish to go back to my palaceand see my Beast again.' Good-night, Beauty. Fear nothing,sleep peacefully, and before long you shall see your father oncemore."

As soon as Beauty was alone she hastened to fill the boxeswith all the rare and precious things she saw about her, and onlywhen she was tired of heaping things into them did they seem tobe full.

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Then she went to bed, but could hardly sleep for joy. Andwhen at last she did begin to dream of her beloved Prince shewas grieved to see him stretched upon a grassy bank sad andweary, and hardly like himself. king tut dildo

"What is the matter?" she cried.

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But he looked at her reproachfully, and said: sex shopp

"How can you ask me, cruel one? Are you not leaving me tomy death perhaps?"

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