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  There was no answering gladness in her eyes. Instead, she stamped her little foot in anger.

  "Why did it have to be you who saved me!" she exclaimed. "I hate you!"

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  "Hate me?" I asked. "Why should you hate me, Victory? I do not hate you. I--I--" What was I about to say? I was very close to her as a great light broke over me. Why had I never realized it before? The truth accounted for a great many hitherto inexplicable moods that had claimed me from time to time since first I had seen Victory. honeymoon sex toys

  "Why should I hate you?" she repeated. "Because Snider told me--he told me that you had promised me to him, but he did not get me. I killed him, as I should like to kill you!"

  "Snider lied!" I cried. And then I seized her and held her in my arms, and made her listen to me, though she struggled and fought like a young lioness. "I love you, Victory. You must know that I love you--that I have always loved you, and that I never could have made so base a promise."

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  She ceased her struggles, just a trifle, but still tried to push me from her. "You called me a barbarian!" she said. adult erotic toys

  Ah, so that was it! That still rankled. I crushed her to me.

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